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Welcome to SagredoTraining 

Personal training for athletes of all abilities. Use the methods that will make you racing faster, more efficiently.

We are here to make your dreams come true.

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Our mission

«My goal is to make the training methodologies used by the world elite athletes available to athletes of all levels. For this, we have created a philosophy of training, that will make you enjoy and perform more, while training less. «

Fernando López de Sagredo

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In SagredoTraining the main goal of the training is to improve the performance enjoying both training and competition. 


Each person is different, so it is very important that the planning is exclusive for every athlete. The workouts are personalized and each program is totally unique. 


The objective is to train effectively and intelligently, where each training has its purpose, because training more does not mean training better. 

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High on the TrainingPeaks platform

All the trainings will be posted on the Training Peaks platform with which the feedback will be constant and so the necessary modifications can be made.With TrainingPeaks you can check your workouts from any place, through the computer or the smartphone application, upload your activities and comment on the trainings.

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The coach

Fernando López de Sagredo is a passionate about sport in all its variables. He starts at a very young age with competitive karate and amateur cycling, until 2008 when he discovers triathlon.

Since then he has combined the high triathlon competition with his academic formation. In 2018 he turns his career as a triathlete and focuses on Mountain Running. 


He has a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences from the Université de Perpignan (UPVD) with specialization in sports training.

He is currently studying the Master’s Degree in High Sports Performance of the Spanish Olympic Committee.


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