“For me Fernando is a fundamental pillar to achieve my sporting goals, having him by my side is synonymous with assured success. Following his training, guidelines and advice I have managed to achieve all the sporting goals that I have proposed with solvency and without injuries, which is not easy for an amateur athlete like me.

Fernando lives with an extreme passion for sport, a fact that makes him a passionate, meticulous coach that seeks to get the best possible performance in the race and I can attest that he succeeds.

Being a popular sportsman by his side I have finished 5 half ironman, a long distance triathlon and several mountain races in just 2 years. Therefore having Fernando by your side is synonymous with success. A coach of ten who will get the best out of you, whatever your initial level.”

Oriol Pisos Taberner

 Amateur Triathlete


“Fernando is probably one of the most dedicated coaches I know, not only are his knowledge and experience as a professional athlete, but he is able to understand the athlete and know him well, which is essential if you want to progress.

After several years training together, the progress we have made together has been enormous, and I believe that this would not have been possible without their dedication to customize the sports projects for each case and each situation, it is a great effort and professional work that It is giving great results. “

Erik Steninger

Elite Triathlete